Hair Transplant

After previous preparation and local anesthesia in the donating and receptor areas, you will have folicular units from the side and back of your own hair grafted to bald areas of your head.

Thanks to advances in surgical techniques, hair replacement can be made permanent though hair transplant surgery, which is becoming increasingly popular as an effective hair restoration procedure. Today, hair transplants look very natural, because the surgeon can better recreate the appearance of a younger scalp. Hair restoration specialists can even perform hair transplant revision for those who are unhappy with the results of a previous hair transplant surgery.

Candidates for
this procedure

Candidates for a permanent hair replacement transplant include those who have an adequate amount of hair in the donor area of the scalp. For most male patients, this is the back and sides of the scalp, areas in which most men keep their hair as the top and front of the scalp go bald. A permanent hair replacement transplant is best suited to men 40 years of age or older. The unpredictable nature of hair growth patterns in younger men, especially those under 30, usually makes them less suitable candidates.


Out patient procedure. Back to work in1 to 2 weeks.