Upper body lift

After weight loss, sagginess on the Arms, Breast and Bra areas is common an can be dramatically improved isolated procedures such as Arm Lift (Tuck), Breast Lift and Posterior Bra Area Skin Resection, or performed altogeter as an Upper Body Lift.

Procedures used in an upper body lift
Arm Lift

The upper arm lift, also called a brachioplasty, is a technique used to surgically remove excess skin that droops from the upper arm. In most cases, this skin is a result of rapid weight loss or loss of skin elasticity due to the natural aging process.

Breast Lift

Breast lift, also called mastopexy, is a plastic surgery procedure that can restore firmness as well as shape to the breasts. DocShop can provide a foundation of information on mastopexy and help you locate a skilled cosmetic surgeon in your area that specializes in this procedure.